Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Update! Update!

Assalamualaikum and Hello to my dear readers (aku ada kah readers?) :P hahaha

Forget that. to cut it short, I think I have gone through sooooo much since my last update (dan memang dah bersarang dah last update tu). and I don't plan to tell all of it here.  Well maybe later..or soon? depends on the internet connection. HAHA

Im officially graduated from local University here in Malaysia last October. Yes, many drama occurred.

But now Im planning to pursue my studies to a higher level. (Wahh, mesti budak pandai nie kan?) -___-' stop those regular thoughts laaaa. Im just a normal girl.

Okay, the main reason for me to write this is that i have sooooooooooo many things in mind. Seriously.
I guess it is just part of growing up huh?

To start off, untuk sambung belajar nie, I need money! I've worked before while waiting for my graduation..saja ja nak cari duit lebih and daripada duduk bersarang di rumah. So the point is, I dah terbiasa pegang duit, tiba2 jadi mcm nie pla..

Why do I want to continue my study bila dah tau hal mcm ni tjadi?

Well.............I told you, im not a very bright student. And, i was planning to go "over-the-sea" to continue my  study, (means in Semenanjung lah).

Just to share with you guys, Master nie ada dua jenis (as far as i know) : 1, Coursework and 2, Research.

Soo...the reason I wanted to go "over-the-sea" was Im planning to do coursework. Coursework ni more of attending classes, and you have to maintain your pointer. Sama juga mcm time sambung Degree dulu. Only you might have to do lots of assignments and attend classes.

Kalo I x g "over-the-sea" and continue Master at my own U, di sini mostly research based. And I was thinking, siapaaaalah antara lecturer aku ni yang sanggup terima aku sebagai student dia. And puff! miracle happen, ada lecturer yang baik hati sanggup terima aku sebagai student dia...she's veryyyy nice person. Her name is Dr. Afisyah (^__^) I wont let you down Dr! ;)

Sooo....thats why la...I want to continue study. I wanted to start fresh with my studies. Maybe im not that bright with class work (sebab kna attend class la apa sgala), maybe im more of a self-trigger person, atau freelance la knun. Sebab research ni semua based on your own efforts! Dari time management, self-management, reading management (smualah!) sendiri yang control. Im free to do whatever I wanted to do.. bhahahahahahaha!

But still, kna ada panduan juga. tu cabaran lah juga bagi aku so that I wont hanyut dibuai keseronokan. So wish me all the best to pursue my studies ya! Thank you... All your prayers means a lot to me (^_^)

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