Monday, February 14, 2011

Getting Started - Valentine Day?

A day has ended?

Must be wondering why such title aite?

It is nothing much really . Suddenly came across my mind to create this new blog specially to summarize about my days indirectly . yes , INDIRECTLY . Thats mean you have all the rights to guess on what happened to me and maybe take my stories as an example in the future so that you won't make the same mistakes as I do. Usually , at the end of the day , then only we can tell weather our day is "not so bad after all" or "life really is a roller-coaster" . If you get what I mean . ;) So , that is why my blog is called "A Day has Ended" . (Another reason for me to create this blog is to stop myself from creating such fuss on Facebook about inner feelings) :P

As you all know, yesterday was Valentine's day.
Anyhow , I am not really into this day , and I don't know why . Some of the reasons maybe due to I have unpleasant memories of this day . What is so wrong about me , I put too much hopes on everyone I loves . Even towards my friends and families .

Valentine day is just one of the day that I hated . The other day is my own Birthday ! hahahaha ! I HATE BOTH OF THESE DAYS ! Irony , although I hated this day so much , part of me still wishing that there will be a prince charming or magical fairies that could turn my way of thinking about this day . I don't know how they can do it , and when I will get it .
Hey , a girl could only hope for the best aite? hehehe~

Well my day today sure is sucks ! Another point for the reason why I hated Valentine's day .

My little conscious or little angel in me (her name is Lala) told me :

" Whatever happens , happens . We can only plan , but in the end it is still ALLAH'S WILL who will decides it all . Chill and let it go , there's always a bright sunny tomorrow behind every teary yesterdays . "

Felt much better ! ;) yeahh ! ^__^
Hope you enjoyed my writing , lots of love people .

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