Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sweet Bruises

Everything that I can say about today is , A GREAT DAY ! Hehehe ~
Well I can't lie , it wasn't all that great , it is because I have a little present left on my foot . Yeah , I bet all of you know rite ? It's my bruises !

Where did I get those bruises? FUTSAL !
What makes this day special is that I get to play them with all of my close friends from SUKSIS .
It is quite a fun day actually . But I still wished that it can be more merrier when all of the members of our batch joined together , sure it will be a blast ! ^__^

One of the funniest moment that I can't forget is when one of my friend uses her own hands and scored it into the goal , it is because she was sooooo pissed that she tried scoring so many times , going through all the pushing and struggling , and yet she failed . ;p
Hahahahaha ~!

Another thing that turned me around when I opened my Facebook account , and my love posted something simple , and yet sweet to me . Thank you dear ! ;))

Maybe today was too simple for some people to make them happy , but it is enough to make my day sweet and memorable . Especially when it is filled with all the person you loves . ^__^

Little Angel, Lala says :
"Sometimes , sweet things came in small packages . Life must be filled with the people you loves in order for you to survive this cruel world . All is forgiven and none taken . "

Yeay ! Spread the loveeeee ~ ^_~

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