Monday, June 13, 2011

obsession with bling2x ;)

Untuk pengahuan korang semua , i really love to have something different than other people . although that something have to take a little effort .
Well , a little extra effort never hurts anyone rite ?

"Nak seribu daya , xnak seribu dalih "

"Anything is possible ! "

yeahhh ! (bsmangat) ;p

Pada suatu ketika semasa jalan2 kat shopping mall , slalu lah jumpa gerai2 kcik yang jual manik2 bkilat nie , or known as bling2x in my dictionary .

So bila ada kawan2 beli , tgerak lah juga hati mau beli . Tpi I still wanted mine to be something special dan hanya aku sorang jak yang ada design mcm tuh .

So.... when my friends were busy choosing pattern yang dah siap dilakarkan , I've chosen to buy pattern yang plain . So that I can design my own .

so this is my second trial of decorating my phone
wondering where is my 1st trial ? SADLY , i didn't took any pic of it .

Untuk bling2x pink nie , dia ada 3 berlainan warna , light pink , dark pink and pearl white . So i decorated it with the shapes of flowers . time nie my artwork is not as neat laa.. tambahan lagi i don't have any glue to make it permanent .

my third trial of bling2x decoration
yes ! it is still the same phone . the bling2x is removeable , no worries ;)

untuk pattern yang ini , it took me a longer time daripada yang pink kat atas tuh , sebab susah untuk aku mendapatkan shape "heart" tuh .

tambahan , untuk design yang ini , i have to work with 10 different colors : light pink , pink , light purple , dark purple , light green , dark green , light blue , dark blue , silver , and gold . (silver and gold can't be seen due to it was placed in front of the phone )

and this is my latest collection ;D (yeay for me !)
Lala's pendrive (not for sale or taken)

For this one , actually i didn't have any intention of making it . I was busy chit-chatting with my friend during study week . I was actually very scared for the upcoming paper .

Another tips about me : when i get nervous , anxious or angry , di sanalah korang akan lihat segala ke-creative-fan aku . And this is the result !

Kalo korang perhati betul2 , ada ice cream kat pendive tuh , so matching lah dengan keychain yang aku gantung kat pendrive aku tuh . hehehe

Dan kali nie , aku dah ada gam yang bley make the bling2x pattern stay longer on the surface ;)

If you readers want to try playing around with bling2x , go aheaddd.. let you creativity flows .

"Why should you be afraid of making mistakes ,
when the people who succeeds too at least made one . "


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